About The Wokalup

The Wokalup is a good old fashioned country pub with a rich history since 1906. Over the years it has changed and evolved, but at it’s heart it has always been a place for the community to gather and enjoy each other’s company. The Wokalup has had many owners, licensees and publicans over the past 100 or so years.

Currently the Wokalup is owned by Megan Hardwick and Bruce Hathway. With a passion for great food, excellent customer service and engaging with the community, they have taken this little country pub and breathed new life into it so it continues to be not only a great spot for the locals, but is also a destination worth raving about!!!!

wokalup tavern

Some Interesting Dates in Our History

1906 – On 6 May 1906 an application by Edward Higgs for a provisional licence for Wokalup was granted on condition that a bond of £500 be entered into and that the erection of the proposed building be started within the month. The Hotel was designed by architect named Louis Bowser Cumpston, a Perth based architect who achieved many commissions in hotel designs.

The West Australian Newspaper of 9 October 1906 advertised that the Wokalup Hotel was just completed and tenders were invited for the purchase of the lease. The advertisement continued:

“Successful tenderer will have to furnish the Hotel. Wokalup is about midway between Pinjarra and Bunbury, on the Bunbury Perth Main Line, and is the junction for Millar’s’ Karri and Jarrah, Ltd., Mornington Mills, which is situated about 6 miles from Wokalup, where some 400 men are permanently employed. The total population of Mornington Mills is about 600. The Mill Train runs to Wokalup several times daily, and terminates at Wokalup Station, opposite the hotel. The opening of this hotel will fill a much-felt want by the travelling public. The hotel is a two-storied brick building, consisting of 8 bedrooms, dining room, 2 sitting-rooms, drawing-room, commercial-room, billiard-room, bar, kitchen, and scullery and storeroom.”

1928 – On the night of 22 February 1928, a bush fire threatened the Bundidup homestead. A telephone call to the hotel brought a quick response from the mill hands, who arrived to save the homestead and livestock.

1938 – In April 1938 the Wokalup publican was fined for having exhibited for sale two bottles of whisky which had been adulterated by the addition of water.

1950 – Another publican, in 1950, was fined £14 for permitting liquor to be served after hours and allowing unauthorised persons to be on licensed premises.

1964 – In 1964, a fierce storm damaged the hotel roof.

The Wokalup Tavern has had many owners, licensees and publicans.

Old Tavern

Wokalup Hotel, after storm damage in 1964 (photo courtesy of Harvey History Group)

Old wokalup Tavern

Wokalup Hotel in the 1950s (photo courtesy of Harvey History Group)

Visit us at 11538 South Western Highway, Wokalup WA 6221

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